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We provide loans at very flexible terms. Our interest rates vary between 2% and 8.90%.
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Medium-Long-Term Credit

We offer you the most efficient solutions for your projects in search of medium or long term financing. Our solutions are also suitable for financing your premises or investing in real estate, whatever your sector of activity. With us, you can benefit from specific tax and financial advantages, which allow you to carry out your project in optimal conditions.






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Loan between individuals

The amortizable personal loan is a bank financing technique that allows households to purchase consumer goods or finance their personal needs. A wide range of projects can be financed by taking out a personal loan: car purchases, home improvements and renovations, travel, weddings, births, etc.

Property Loan

Whether it is for your principal residence, your second home or with the aim of making a rental investment, Kredit Company will find for you the credit offer that best suits your project. An immediate online response in principle A reminder within 24 hours by our advisers * 80.000 € - 1.500.000 € * Rate: 3.00%, 8 to 25 years old .

Car/Motorcycle Loan

You want to finance your future personal vehicle: car, motorcycle, scooter, caravan, boat, electric bicycle.New, used less than 1 year, more than 1 year, more than 2 years old.Sedan, hybrid, minivan, diesel or petrol, collectible.Our solutions are adapted to your needs! * 4.000 € - 100.000 € * 12 to 480 months

Revolving credit

Kredit Company puts at your disposal, a credit that you will use according to your will and that will be reconstituted gradually. This amount decreases when you use it and it is gradually replenished when you repay your credit. The revolving credit can be associated with a bank card. Purchases and withdrawals made with this card are then debited from the available capital. * 1.000 € - 100.000 € * Rate: 3%

Credit Repurchase

You will thus be able to better manage your budget and look to the future with peace of mind! You have 3 credits in progress and you pay several reimbursements per month. With Kredit Company, you combine all your credits into one. We pay back the rest of your credits and you will only think of one repayment per month. We offer you the best rate. * Up to 7 (seven) credits to be redeemed. * 3.000€ - 200.000€ * 12 months to 480 months.

School Loan

Tuition, accommodation, food, transport, course books. Take advantage of a low-interest loan reserved for students. No need to provide proof of expenses: finance your tuition fees, your equipment (furniture, computer, etc.), your car or a two-wheeler, etc. with complete freedom. Possibility of modifying the duration of your loan, according to the evolution of your situation, starting from the first year. * 5.000 € - 70.000 € * Rate: 3,00% .

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